My Journey

I thought in this blog I would detail my own vision improvement progress and journey, I noticed as I started to make remarkable vision gains very quickly that I should journal and document my progress. A few months ago I actually got to the point where my eyesight was improving so fast that I slowed my own vision gains on purpose. Why? I really wanted to document and journal everything because I was going through a transformation and I wanted people to know the changes that were taking place.

It started in July 2015, I am reluctant now in even saying his name out of fear it will trigger people. This is when I discovered Dr William Bates, I found out about him through Greg Marsh on YouTube which was also around the same time I bought a course on eye exercises which I learnt later to be a scam. My fear of saying Dr William Bates’s name is because the people who destroyed your eyesight to begin with opticians, optometrists and eye doctors attack him and try to do their best to suppress the technology bates pioneered; they feel threatened because it attacks their business interests.

I always knew it was possible to improve eyesight naturally, it never made sense to me as a kid that some people needed glasses to see and others did not, in fact I thought it was very strange that no one would question why a person had blurry vision in the first place. Why were people just accepting that some people needed to wear glasses? Felt like I was living in a matrix, no one seemed to question or care, just accepted that they now had to wear glasses all the time to see.

Greg marsh was the one who introduced me first to Dr William Bates, before I met Greg I purchased an eye exercise program and didn’t get any results with it which really sucked because I just got scammed, it also didn’t help the fact mass belief was still that eyesight cannot be improved naturally, my optician when I told him that I was improving my eyesight wasn’t exactly very accepting of that fact.

What I learnt through Greg marsh was that strain was what caused blurry vision and that relaxation was required, this made some sense as I did feel strain when I was wearing glasses and intuitively I knew this was true. The difficult part for me was understanding the importance of relaxation, it would have helped if I knew that glasses actually numb 95% of the strain which I didn’t know until much later. All that was recommended to me was palming and I couldn’t find myself to relax properly, I purchased Greg marshes CD and although I got some results nothing really ground breaking, nothing that excited me. I wanted results NOW; I wasn’t getting any results that satisfied me.

Because I wasn’t getting any results I stopped doing the bates method and went about my life. I would often meditate in the morning purely for mental health benefits, I enjoy meditation but this was something separate to do with my eyesight improvement, I did this just because I enjoyed it and I found that as I was relaxed mentally my eyesight would improve a lot, this was more than what I got from doing palming or any other exercise, this was in February 2022. This was on ACCIDENT, I wasn’t trying to improve my eyesight at all, I just noticed as my mind was relaxed I could see again. This is when it clicked that the mind played a big role in vision improvement. After this I became very motivated because I felt that regaining my natural vision could actually happen!

I then decided to study the bates method in more depth and take it more seriously. I purchased 2 books by Thomas quakenbush ‘relearning to see’ and ‘better eyesight, the complete magazines of William h bates’. I studied all of it totalling around 1000 pages. I applied these techniques myself and got phenomenal results, I became a self-taught expert in the field of natural eyesight and how to improve it.

What I learnt on this path is all this knowledge is kept very SECRET, what do I mean by this? A lot of the science on how eyesight actually worked contradicted heavily with the current understanding of eyesight in the field of optometry. It is very important to understand that when it comes to eyesight opticians, optometrists and even eye doctors are NOT EXPERTS in this field. A lot of what they learnt at the university level on how eyesight works has been DISPROVEN, they don’t know the cause of blurry vision and they don’t know how to improve it, it is likely if you ask them they will say it’s impossible. Me and many others that have done the bates method know it works, their eyesight has improved and many have even fully regained their natural eyesight back!

You may find fake articles online that claim that the bates method doesn’t work; I will address those false claims in my next blog.

Once I had a solid grasp of the understandings of how vision actually works and how to improve it my eyesight was improving EFFORTLESSLY over time, why? Simple, all these techniques are NATURAL, that’s why it feels so easy. How you are seeing with glasses is UNNATURAL and as a result you only have ARTIFICIAL sight not the natural kind.

I reached a point a month ago (October 2023) where I felt in a very short period of time I could fully regain my natural vision, I decided not to and to slow my vision progress on purpose because I wanted to document my own progress and journey. I am unsure now if I should just because the more your eyesight improves the more pain you get from wearing glasses and now I’m just thinking I might as well go all in. You go through a big transformation when you decide to improve your eyesight; you are changing who you are.

The progress I have made has been incredible!

I started with a prescription of -4 dioptre glasses and now I’m finding I have to wear very weak ones otherwise I am in too much pain, I can feel so much of the strain when I put my glasses on, its hurts like hell. This is how you know you are progressing because it’s very unnatural to be wearing glasses in the first place, the damage glasses do to your health is unbelievable, it’s insane! Now I find I have to wear around -2.5 dioptres otherwise I’m in pain all the time if I try wearing the stronger ones. I tried wearing the -3 and -3.5 glasses and I just couldn’t do it, the pain was too much.

I’ll write maybe a few more blogs and then I’ll ditch my glasses and go all the way. The truth is I have to now; I am so conscious and aware of all this strain I am carrying now I have to relax. It hurts A LOT; blurred vision is a sign of poor health. You have to fix your health if you want to see again, you have to heal, that’s what I have been doing. I can’t live like this any longer, the strain is agony, I tried slowing my vision progress on purpose so I could document and journal everything but I don’t think I can do that anymore. All this strain I am carrying needs to go and it needs to go fast! I can’t live like this. It amazes me that someone can carry this much strain for YEARS and not do anything about it.

I always knew subconsciously that there was strain that I was carrying that was responsible for my poor vision but I had no idea it was this much. This blew my mind when I found out I was carrying this much strain, it hurts my neck and my eyes. It hurts my neck because when you see with glasses you are forced to see with staring and that places enormous strain on your neck, hurts like hell.

What sucks is that no one would understand the pain you are going through other than a vision coach or others who know this method works. Opticians, optometrists and eye doctors aren’t qualified in this field, they don’t know anything about it in fact they might even attack YOU. I have seen this online.

If you have any level of self-awareness you know that strain causes blurry vision, you would have to be an idiot to believe anything otherwise. Opticians, optometrists and eye doctors will say you are lying; that you are making this all up, that’s kind of messed up if you asked me. Very disrespectful.

Who do you trust? Can you really still trust them after what they did to you? After ROBBING you of your natural eyesight! I hope not. It’s an evil industry and someone has to intervene and stop them and preventing them from getting away with this. What they are doing is EVIL! They are DESTROYING LIVES!