My Imposter Syndrome

Today I want to talk about my imposter syndrome when it comes to vision improvement. For me once I started to apply the bates method techniques myself I was in awe as to the results I was getting, my eyesight was improving so much in a short period of time I didn’t think this was even possible. It is still thought in mainstream consciousness and in the medical field that it is impossible to improve your eyesight naturally, this is when I learnt how suppressed the technology of the bates method really is. Here I was getting all these amazing results however when I shared this with my optician which was of course an obvious mistake I came to learn that he wasn’t exactly accepting of the idea that eyesight can be improved, he claimed that it was impossible for me to fully regain my natural eyesight back because my eyesight was too poor.

Like most people when I went to the opticians for the first time my eyesight wasn’t that bad as it is now, I ended up having to go regularly where I was prescribed higher and higher prescription glasses until I had become dependent on them. Eventually my eyesight went as far as to getting -4 dioptre glasses; no one had told me anything about natural vision improvement. I wish they did, all I needed was the KNOWLEDGE. It was October of 2022 when I actually started to get tangible results with the bates method, my eyesight had improved more than I thought possible. I could see things clearer before that I couldn’t do without my glasses, I even learnt to read up close while I was using my phone which before was impossible. I needed glasses for everything that’s how bad my eyesight was, I was diagnosed with severe near-sightedness.

After applying the bates method techniques myself I felt it was a moral obligation to share these techniques with others however I faced resistance. I was told that I had to fully regain my natural eyesight back before I could help others but this didn’t make sense to me, my eyesight had improved and there are no miracle cures overnight. I had been wearing glasses for over 15 years; it takes time to fully regain your natural eyesight back. Even despite this resistance I was able to improve from 20/400 to 20/200 in only a few months and I was doing it part time too with just 10mins a day! This was surreal! With results like this it was clear as day that I knew it was possible to fully regain a person’s natural eyesight back if they were consistent with these techniques for a long enough period of time. I had already gotten results with it, I didn’t need to reach the final stage yet, in fact that would only cause more problems. It was entirely possible that if I was to reach the final stage I would then be accused that I had always had natural sight that I never wore glasses before. Why? Simple, current medical science hasn’t caught up with reality yet, hundreds and thousands of people are learning these techniques all over the world, people are getting results with this and it’s changing their lives. Yet the current medical field still continue to SUPPRESS this information. What else are they hiding from us?

All I really care about is helping others get the results I have already gotten; I have reached a stage in my eyesight improvement journey where the results now are manifesting effortlessly. Natural vision improvement is exactly that, NATURAL, what that means is once the techniques become a habit your eyesight starts to improve effortlessly over time. The first month is most difficult because most people are used to seeing artificially using glasses, natural vision works in a very different way and is a very different experience.

I am currently writing an eBook called ‘regain your natural eyesight’, it contains scientifically proven techniques designed to help improve your own eyesight, techniques I used to help improve my own eyesight as well as detailing my story and experiences, my journey on natural vision improvement. There is so much I have learnt through this, a lot that I have noticed most other vision coaches and educators don’t talk so much about such as subliminal programming, how glasses affect your personality, trauma, how the brain is involved in eyesight and more.

I have been putting the eBook on hold for a while because I felt a sense of imposter syndrome uploading it; my eyesight has improved a lot since I started my journey but I haven’t fully regained my eyesight yet. As of now I even get flashes of 20/20 vision. I am very pleased with the results I have already gotten and want to share what I did with others so they can make those same vision gains I have. What I have learnt is this is more than just vision improvement, you are changing who you are, it changes your whole world, and the health aspect is often something most people are not aware of that I want to give light to. No I don’t mean exercises or diet, strain. The damage glasses do to your health is severe, you become very aware of this once you start improving your eyesight.

At first I was going to upload my eBook once I reach the final stage however I have found this to be not right, why? It’s the science. It has been scientifically proven that the bates method can help improve your eyesight. You don’t need to fully regain your natural eyesight back to know if it works or not, it has been PROVEN. What I very much dislike is the fact opticians are still making money DESTROYING people’s eyesight. People are becoming dependant on them; remember they are NOT EXPERTS when it comes to improving eyesight. They still believe it is impossible to do so and trying to convince them otherwise isn’t going to work. Its denial to the truth. Their whole business is built on selling glasses, now what I have learnt is that glasses do have some value but only in the case of having weaker prescription glasses to strengthen a person’s natural sight, the end goal is to be completely free from them so the science does in a way prove that glasses are almost obsolete. That wipes out a whole entire business model. Only problem now is why are vision coaches being punished? Why are most vision coaches not making a good living from this? This seems like evil to me and it’s what I want to stop. I want to create change. Create a new career path that is far more rewarding. This technology has only been around for 100 years, yet it is still 100 years too late. But we can make a difference if we work together. Stay tuned with my blogs and I will keep you updated on how you can make a difference. The first step is to improve your own eyesight. Keep a lookout for the eBook! It will be jam packed with immense knowledge, a MUST READ. I am also journaling my own vision gains so make sure to read my blog.