Ebook Launch

The eBook is finally here! Long overdue but I was finally able to finish it. The main reason why I struggled to complete it was because of my imposter syndrome writing this. What actually bothered me the most was the fact all the science of this is so suppressed. I know this method works because I have gotten results with it, there were times when I was writing this eBook and helping others get the results I have gotten I was attacked. The truth is my eyesight was able to improve by 50% within only just a few months of using these techniques! I still need glasses now and am still wearing them at the time of me writing this blog but that is because I had a very high dependency on glasses to begin with.

Another thing that was coming into my mind was that I HATE the fact I have to fight so much resistance. The truth is for a lot of people even with the overwhelming evidence out there that PROVES the validity of this method there are still those that claim it doesn’t work. All I can tell you is that I have done it and I have gotten results with it and many I have talked to have said the same thing, the only other criticism I have found is lack of understanding of the method but that’s where vision coaches are here for, they are here to help you get those results. Remember we are the EXPERTS in this when it comes to natural vision improvement, we know what we are doing.

Another thing that popped up was my own motivation on improving my eyesight, the truth is me fully regaining my natural eyesight isn’t going to convince anyone of anything, I thought that at first but that’s not true. It’s like this, only someone who has been wearing glasses in the past will be able to relate with your pain and suffering, I know what it’s like to wear glasses, the damage it does to your self-confidence and the constant strain and dependency of it, I KNOW the pain because I have lived it, for that reason someone who has always had natural eyesight isn’t going to understand your pain as well as I do. This was the reason for me in slowing down my vision gains a few months ago; I wanted to journal and document my progress. You can check out my YouTube channel for more information.

There was a point in my journey where I could easily within a few weeks FULLY REGAIN my natural eyesight back, then a thought entered my brain. Wait a minute I am going through a TRANSFORMATION, I am changing. By the time I reach the final result people will then start accusing me of lying, that I always had natural vision because they didn’t know who I was before. This is why I felt such a strong pull in documenting my own progress on my YouTube channel and I will be doing some more in my blog, in my eBook I show you some of the changes taking place too. I created this eBook so others could know HOW I did it, there is quite a lot to learn and unfortunately I can’t condense all of it into the eBook itself, I tried to cover as much as I can. If you are someone who wants to get results fast and get the type of results I claim I have gotten then I have a really great course I sell alongside my coaching. I sell this as a package with my coaching mainly because you need an EXPERT to guide you through it as it involves your health and safety; I have to to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Those dependant on glasses can’t do much without them and the first emotion they feel when they take their glasses off is fear, that’s why I am here to offer guidance. If I sell the course separately I can’t guarantee your health and safety because I don’t know what you will be doing, you might do something stupid like others have done like get into a car accident because you don’t have good vision, that’s why it’s important to get guidance from an EXPERT such as myself. I don’t want you getting hurt.

I started thinking recently how do I prove this works? I mean we can’t really use prescriptions because the prescription your optician gives you is always going to be wrong because all that measures is artificial sight, natural sight works very differently, no matter what prescription you get it’s always going to be wrong because it’s not natural. Also opticians and optometrists aren’t experts when it comes to natural vision improvement and how it works, they don’t know how to improve eyesight. You will only really know once you experience it yourself, see for yourself completing tasks without your glasses that you couldn’t do before, also seeing things more clearly, it’s very obvious if your eyesight has improved because you will know, you will be able to see the difference. The nature of this makes it difficult to create some accurate objective markers for improved eyesight, try this method for yourself and if you need help I will always be here to offer a helping hand. Remember I am here to provide you with RESULTS, GUARENTEED!

I have been thinking about my own personal journey in eyesight improvement and I’m thinking if it’s worth it. All this comes down to finances. There is a whole career out there dedicated to destroying peoples eyesight and they can make a good living from this but when someone like me comes into the market it’s difficult because I have so much resistance I need to fight, is this going to be financially viable for me? It shocked me to hear that most vision coaches don’t make a good living from this, this is probably why you may not have heard of this before.

For me personally I know this works, it has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, I will of course still continue to improve my own eyesight but to be honest I feel the most happiest helping others improve theirs, that’s what my purpose is. Don’t get me wrong, my eyesight is very important to me but right now I’m just trying to figure out how I can make a good living from this, I know for me I would gladly pay 1000s for this type of service, I don’t see any reason why anyone else wouldn’t.

If you want to check out my own vision gains you can follow my blog and you might hear me talking about how I finally reached the final stage now, I will also talk about it on my YouTube channel so make sure to stay subscribed. I am doing this all because I see so much evil in this world, one person I was talking to said that he actually enjoys wearing glasses! How sick! I had to experience all this pain and suffering wearing glasses all the time, all I ever dreamed of since I was a child was being free from glasses and this asshole says he enjoys it? What a prick. That should be classed as some sort of mental illness, this is a HEALTH problem, you can never truly be healthy if you are carrying that much strain around, you have no idea how much FREEDOM glasses have taken away from me. How much I HATED it, and I am not a coward, I’m not going to cheat with surgery, I want to do this the right way as I’m sure you do too. To think if we were in nature without glasses we would be wiped off the face of the earth, we would DIE.

We are only alive right now because we are a species of intellect and our intellect has allowed us to see with glasses, if we were like the other animals poor vision would not be able to be passed onto the next generation, natural selection would take over and only those with great vision would survive, those with poor vision would be wiped out, DEAD. I want you to remember this, you are only here because our intellect as given to us that opportunity, without our intellect you would not be alive right now. How would you survive this world if you didn’t have glasses to see? Scary right? So you know what you must do, learn to see again. Read this EBook and if you need further help book a call with me for some coaching, I am creating a secret vision club as well so if you are interested in that send me an email.

I also created this eBook to create trust; if I give something away for free and you get value from it it creates trust. I want you to get to know my story, who I am. What I experienced. For me glasses turned me into a more shy and introverted person, I didn’t want to be like that, I changed who I am as I started to improve my eyesight, my self-image changed. I see myself differently now. I know how valuable this journey is, I feel this is something everyone who wears glasses needs to read, it’s a MUST READ. Your life will change after reading this eBook; much like it has changed mine.

Before I wrap up I want to be clear with my agenda, I believe when you are in business a business should exist beyond just making money, if all you focus on is making money then you aren’t really changing lives and making the world a better place. My philosophy of the world is this, a great business should be built on TRUST, if you TRUST me then we can work together otherwise I don’t want to waste your time and money, and it’s too disrespectful to do business without trust. Trust is the foundation of all businesses, I hope this eBook sheds some light to the FACTS that these con artists should be in JAIL for what they are doing, destroying people eyesight. Don’t contribute to this insanity, don’t let them win. These frauds masquerading as false heroes are ruining the world!

I hope you enjoy my ebook, if you want to give me feedback you can send me an email at [email protected]