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Natural Vision Improvement

Discover What the Optometry Industry Is Desperate to Keep Hidden
And Learn How to Improve Your Vision Naturally...
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Frustrated with constant lens upgrades and recurring costs?

Worried about the declining quality of your vision?

Wondering if there’s a natural alternative the industry isn’t telling you about?

If so, you’re in the right place.

What You Will Uncover:

How the Medical Industry is Stealing From You

Discover the truth about the optometry industry and how they’re keeping you in the dark.

  • The Real Cause Of Blurry Vision

  • How The Artificial Lenses Are Keeping You Hooked

  • Cost Comparison Between Natural and Artificial Solutions


The Truth About Natural Vision Improvement

A lot of people are skeptical or misguided about improving their vision naturally - here we cover what it is, and what it isn’t.

  • Why Eye Excercises Don’t Work

  • Psychology And Belief Of Vision

  • Good And Bad Vision Habits

  • Science Behind Natural Vision Improvement

Step by Step Guide to Improving Your Vision

Everything you need to know to start improving your vision naturally.

  • Core Methods of Natural Vision Improvement

  • The Bates Method and It’s Principles

  • Meditation and Relaxation of Mind

  • Subliminal Programming

eye freedom

Breaking Free From Glasses and Contacts

How to break free from the cycle of glasses and contacts and how to maintain clear vision for life.

  • Safely Transitioning Away From Glasses

  • Maintaining Clear Vision For Life

  • Newfound Confidence and Freedom

  • Mental and Physical Health Benefits

And Much More...

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Our Testimonails

Customer Testimonails

The natural eye improvement techniques and exercises [from Tanvir] that I practiced for a bit (and not even consistently) definitely did see improvement.


Customer Testimonails

Tanvir's zeal for natural eye care is exemplary. His holistic approach elevates awareness, inspiring better vision and well-being.

Jonathan Gumbs

Customer Testimonails

As I became more aware of the strain, clear flashes became more frequent in just my first week of natural vision improvement.


Tanvir Singh

Tanvir Singh

Certified Vision Coach
association of vision educators

About Me

From my early years, the necessity of glasses always baffled me. By 2008, as my vision faded, my quest to understand became personal.

I dedicated my life to understand the truth about vision and how to improve it naturally. I studied the works of Dr. William Bates , the father of natural vision improvement, and discovered the truth about the vision industry.

Armed with this knowledge, I dedicated myself to mastering and refining Dr. Bates' techniques. By 2023, the results were undeniable – my vision had significantly improved, and now I want to share my knowledge with you.

Learn More About Me

Not just an Ebook, but a revolt against the industry's guarded truths.

All Secrets Revealed

Dive into truths that the industry has been guarding jealously, hiding what they don't want you to discover.

Unmasking Medical Myths

Break free from the misinformation loop and discover how certain medical "truths" may not be as they seem.

Fixing Root Problems

Diving into the root causes of vision problems & pain, and fixing them from deep within.


Exclusive Vision Exercises

Handpicked techniques and exercises designed to recalibrate your vision, all in one place.

Interactive Learning Modules

Engage with interactive sections that show the methods and ensure deeper understanding & retention.

Immediate Tension Release

Learn how to get rid of and keep away from blocked emotions to release tension in the eyes.

All Yours, For Absolutely FREE.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Vision Improvement?

Natural Vision Improvement is a process of improving eyesight naturally to help regain our natural vision without the use of glasses, contacts, or surgery.

The process involves many aspects including relaxation techniques, unblocking emotions, adopting the correct vision habits and more.

By wearing glasses and lenses we have lost touch with our natural eyesight, the techniques are designed to bring you closer to nature so you can reclaim back your lost vision. The techniques can also be seen as an alternative to surgery.

These techniques are based on the work of Dr. William Bates, the father of natural vision improvement, and are designed to help you break free from the cycle of glasses and contacts.

How long does it take to see results?
You will start noticing results from day 1.

However, to gain consistent results you will need to follow the program for at least 30-60days for your vision to recalibrate.

If you don’t go through the recalibration process your default bad vision habits will take over and you will regress back to wearing glasses again.

Once the visual system has been recalibrated the process then becomes effortless. The first 90 days covers you adjusting to the good vision habits so they become permanent and something you can trust.

It is important to say that, Results do vary.
Some people fully regain their natural sight in 90 days, others take longer. What I can guarantee is you will have a strong enough understanding of the process in the 90 days to continue making vision gains beyond the 90 days. The first 30-60 days is the hardest and then it starts to become easier.

Who is Natural Vision Improvement for?

This is for those who want to see again without the aid of glasses, lenses or surgery. Much of the process heavily involves improving our health alongside our eyesight.

This is not for those who want a quick fix. People that are interested in this process are more health conscious and are willing to put in the time and the effort to improve their eyesight.

Much of the techniques revolve around relaxation and so many who are interested tend to have interests in meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, spirituality and others.
What If I Need Help?

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