Artificial Sight vs Natural Sight

I wish someone told me this before, I never knew this, I never saw this before, I couldn’t see this with glasses. The world feels so alive! It’s almost as if there is life force energy to the world, I tear up. WOAH! The world feels so vibrant. This is what I experienced when I starting using the correct vision habits to see, the relaxed vision habits. This is when I first realised through my own experience that there was a whole another dimension to seeing the world I could never grasp before, completely out of my reach. It then dawned on me, this makes perfect sense, glasses can only produce ARTIFICAL sight and can never achieve NATURAL sight. What nature can produce man can never replicate, it’s not even close.

Glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery all can only produce ARTIFICIAL sight, never NATURAL. I want the BEST vision I can possibly achieve, the answer is always nature.

The more I started to improve my own eyesight the more I started to HATE wearing glasses, I like many others became very dependent on wearing glasses and need glasses to perform most of my activities in life, I HATED it, I wanted to be FREE but I didn’t want to CHEAT. I wanted to do it the right way; I wanted to reclaim my natural eyesight back. I knew intuitively that laser eye surgery wasn’t the answer, a flaw in western medicine.

Western medicine is built on the premise that the human body is stupid, that it doesn’t know what it is doing, that man-made intervention is required to fix this problem, and this is not true. Many of the approaches of current medicine address only the symptom not the cause, blurred vision isn’t the problem, it’s a person’s HEALTH. Poor health is what causes blurry vision, more specifically strain, and unless the health aspect isn’t addressed you can never achieve perfect vision naturally. By all means you can cheat the process all you want, you will never get it. People think they can cheat nature by doing surgery, please. If you aren’t willing to put in the work to achieve natural vision you never deserved it in the first place.

Each day I work on my vision it improves, the more it improves the more I start to hate seeing the world with glasses, now that I have experienced what natural vision is actually like I can never go back. Now that I have seen this new world I want it more than anything else. I feel a part of me dies when I wear glasses, this isn’t natural. Time to go within…