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Tanvir Singh

Who Am I?

My name is Tanvir Singh and I help people improve their eyesight naturally to become free from the crutches we call glasses.

I am a certified teacher of the Bates Method that focuses on natural vision improvement. I have created my own system called the Vision Recalibration System inspired by the original works of Dr. Bates and have improved some aspects of it that were not so effective.

My Story


Ever since I was a child I always wondered why people had to wear glasses to see.
I wondered, why? Why can some people see good naturally, but others cant?

The answers I received never satisfied me. When i asked these questions to so called 'eye experts' the answer i would always get is the problem was either genetic or age related which i could never buy into. Are we to believe that a person randomly adopts blurry vision without any real cause and that it was irreversible?

For years i pondered this question, there had to be a way to improve vision, I just hadn't discovered it yet.

1st January 2008: I was prescribed prescription glasses for the first time. I remember this day very vividly, my vision was declining and i didn't know why.

I started to realize that, my natural vision was declining day by day.
It got to the point where i was hopelessly dependant on glasses to see.

Whenever I went to the opticians, they would always just give me stronger and stronger prescriptions.

31st July 2015: This was the first time I heard about Dr William Bates and his method for regaining natural vision.

I was ecstatic.
For YEARS i was praying for a discovery like this to come into fruition and it had finally happened, i found the CURE to regaining my NATURAL eyesight which i had lost for so long.


It wasn't an easy start.

Unfortunately, there were many people that claimed to teach and understand the Bates Method. However, I soon realized that they knew nothing about how vision works and i fell into the gullible trap into buying a course on their 'eye exercises'.

What i learnt was many people that claim to know about the 'bates method' are misinformed and are teaching something else. 'Eye exercises' that they were preaching were not effective, and were not what Dr Bates taught.

I was almost starting to becoming sceptic if vision can actually be improved and if it can could I really be completely cured from wearing glasses?

Tanvir as a kid
Tanvir now

February 2022: This was the first time my vision actually improved, naturally.
Interestingly enough, it happened by accident.

I knew about Dr William Bates many years prior however i didn't have a full grasp of his techniques. One day, I was meditating and noticed that as I relaxed my mind my vision had significantly improved.

I couldn't believe it.
This was truly remarkable to me, I had almost given up all hope that vision could be improved naturally, i thought that it was almost a myth at this point, but my experience proved otherwise.

At this point, I was more motivated than ever in finally finding and experiencing the TRUTH.
For the next year I spend most of my hours consuming all the knowledge to understand and learn about vision and how it works, but most importantly, how to improve it.

My realization was that, many of the techniques that Dr William Bates discovered and preached are heavily suppressed by the optometry industry - articles upon articles claiming that the Bates Method does not work.

March 2023 : For a whole year, I had devoted all my time in learning everything i could about the Bates Method.
Everything from how to get results quicker and faster to develop a scientifically backed, optimal way to enhance the results that Dr William Bates poineered .

I used these techniques myself and noticed phenomenal improvements in my vision upon implimenting these techniques myself.
I am now able to see much more clearly without glasses and have been able to help others do the same.

If you found my story interesting, and also want to improve your vision naturally like i did, I would love to help you.

Below you can find my coaching program called the Visual Recalibration Method , and I guarantee you that you will see results as soon as the first weeks.

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Customer Testimonails

The natural eye improvement techniques and exercises [from Tanvir] that I practiced for a bit (and not even consistently) definitely did see improvement.


Customer Testimonails

Tanvir's zeal for natural eye care is exemplary. His holistic approach elevates awareness, inspiring better vision and well-being.

Jonathan Gumbs

Customer Testimonails

As I became more aware of the strain, clear flashes became more frequent in just my first week of natural vision improvement.


Customer Testimonails

Tanvir helped me to uplift my confidence as a young man with his great coaching skills!